Developing Your Eye: Day II – Street

My town is a maze of porches, bright and colourful, ceilings painted with ancient affreschi, wrought iron lamps hanging over your head as you stroll around, seeking cover from the storms. 

They do come handy during our frequent rainy or snowy days, offering some cover during your daily walk to school or work. Tourists are enthusiastic and often blabber about having never seen those, gasping at the mosaic patterns on the floor and the frescos adorning the ceilings. 

And at sunsets, rays from the dying sun sometimes offer shadow and light games such ad the one I captured, setting the walls on fire. 




When watching those colorful American movies about Summer Adventures & co. one does never really believe to them, doesn’t he. So when the second afternoon of July I headed to my best friend house to finish up a poster for another friend of ours’ birthday, I did not imagine we were actually heading to a lets call it adventure.

Summer gets awfully hot around here, and locked up in a room 3 meters × 3 we could feel the heat way too well. So we decided out of nowhere to go and explore the surroundings, since we had planing on doing it for quite a long time. I luckily had my camera with me, so we only had to fill two bottles of water to the top and step out in the scorching sun.

Just across the road to my friend’s house lays an abandoned fenced villa equipped with the snazziest tower one could imagine. We just wanted to climb the fence and take a look, hoping to snatch some cool pictures -I mean we are just kids messing around on one bloody hot July afternoon, doing no harm, and since the police is never around we just seized the day.

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We dropped off our American guest today at Reggio Emilia new train station, designed by Calatrava. 

Do I not love those sick lines and the flow that bends them like wave, I could stare at his buildings forever just for the feelings I get. 

Hypnotic flow

Architecture gives me unique feelings and I’m more and more convinced about studying it in university