Developing Your Eye: Day II – Street

My town is a maze of porches, bright and colourful, ceilings painted with ancient affreschi, wrought iron lamps hanging over your head as you stroll around, seeking cover from the storms. 

They do come handy during our frequent rainy or snowy days, offering some cover during your daily walk to school or work. Tourists are enthusiastic and often blabber about having never seen those, gasping at the mosaic patterns on the floor and the frescos adorning the ceilings. 

And at sunsets, rays from the dying sun sometimes offer shadow and light games such ad the one I captured, setting the walls on fire. 


Developing Your Eye: Day I – Home

The tower of the cathedral in our city, the sky is on fire

When thinking about home all I see are her green eyes, the comforting scent of her skin embracing me softly and cuddling me in a safe nest.

When thinking about home I see dimples and pearl-white teeth, plump lips and afternoons full of nothing but Us.

When thinking about home, every sanpietrino is soft under our feet, it tires me not to walk under the sun if she holds my hand.

Home is where I’m safe in her arms.


I chose not to put a picture of Her for this event since I rather not giver Her identity – nor mine- away, hope you will understand!